Saturday, September 09, 2006


The MT-01 is the first result of a major manufacturer pursuing the Big Torque Sportbike. It is impressive.

Highlights include: engine, instruments, headlight, & the MT-OS wheels. Note: the compact engine primary is gear driven.

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Yamaha is realizing excellent concepts in performance & style. I applaud & encourage their efforts. However, I have mixed feelings towards the current MT-01 due to its overall size. Pictures can be deceiving and, unfortunately, pictures are all I have since this bike is not available in the US. Below is a picture of a Honda 900 Hornet beside the MT-01. Quite the difference in overall bike size. Check out their cool site with the link below. You can see action photos with a rider on the bike.

I know their design had to produce the desired torque numbers while maintaining noise & emission regulations, but does the bike have to be this large? I'd like to see another model of the MT-01 in a more compact, sport chassis to further its performance potential and maintain a proportionate size for average-size riders....even if it means using a twin beam frame to double as an airbox, oil, or fuel tank. Yamaha's styling goal was to showcase the engine, keeping the frame around the engine as opposed to a twin beam frame enclosing it.

Sign-up to be part of the Yamaha Design lab with the link below

The MT-OS below. The original MT-01 prototype at right

sound clips & other information here (hopefully you have good speakers):

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