Monday, March 30, 2009

Moto online content

The Moto Morini website is worth a close look if you are interested in online content and web design. It has a crispness and clarity that sets it apart. There are concepts within their site that would set any website apart, regardless of the industry. Well done, Milano Ad. Were you (the reader of this blog) able to enter their Ad agency to tour the lobby or take a "ride" on their Honda?

Notables of the Moto Morini site:

  1. movement of screens & ease of movement around the site

  2. Dealers page. The scrolling of the "business cards" is clever. The right margin helps you cut to the chase

  3. short story at the bottom of the Advertising page that subtly showcases the various models. Be patient until the video buffers completely. You may have to play it a 2nd time with no interruptions. The tall ship in the video is a nice touch.

  4. Compare this site to the other manufacturers' sites.
It is fitting that such an excellent web design accompanies a well-built motorcycle.....


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