Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Al'turn'ative Tuesday


Tesi: Pierluigi Marconi's thesis

The original Tesi design (below right) is what got me hooked on alternative front suspension. The Tesi 2D has the rounded fender & aluminum swingarm which accentuate the fork-less design more so than the 3D (which is the current model that has an edgy fender & steel trellis swingarm). The new design, however, is said to have simplified linkages and better positioned shock for the rider's knee and lowered weight.

I'm curious to know why the steel trellis is being used instead of the aluminum ...

Does the current, steel front swingarm offer more flex while leaned over in corners and weigh less than the aluminum [?]. Or, was this simply to differentiate it from the Vyrus?


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