Monday, May 04, 2009

Hillclimb Racing

. Where else can you see a pushrod Harley-Davidson racing competitively against modern, in-line 4,liter engines? Nowhere but on the hill. A tuned, pushrod v-twin motor can conquer a hill just as fast (and arguably easier) than a tuned in-line 4 liter engine. The diversity in machinery is just one of many attributes that can attract a lot of fans to this sport. Hillclimbing is an extreme sport that deserves recognition on the scale of the X-Games. Consider these 2 basic features that are sure to entertain & generate loads of respect for the rider's skill and courage:
  1. up to 240 hp on tap
  2. hill courses that are practically verticle
Curt Winter from BTR Moto is expanding his bike building skill & business to suit the sport of hillclimb racing. Curt's bike above (which utilizes a RevTech 100 c.i. motor), weighs just 380 lbs. and runs on a 50/50 cocktail of Nitromethane and alcohol, good for around 160 hp. The frame (Curt's design and construction) is steel tubing with dimensions of 1.250 .095 wall D.O.M. The powertrain assembly is his own design. A Barnett Scorpion lockup clutch is used and is driven from a chain right from the crank. He hand formed the aluminum cover to protect it from dirt and debris. From there, a shaft leaves the back side of the clutch and goes to the right side of the bike. On the end is the counter sprocket which is driving the rear wheel. Gear changes consist of changing that sprocket, sizes range frome 12 tooth to a 15 tooth. The 15 tooth sprocket will provide wheel speed capable of around 95 mph. (nearly 100 mph pointing right at a hillside...) Wheelbase ranges from around 72" all the way up to about 79". Th adjustable swingarm is made & assembled by Curt. Check out a hillclimb event this summer...
CBR 954-powered climber by Curt Winter of BTR Moto
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