Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Al'turn'ative Tuesday


This week's alternative design is from the informative and excellent site called, Bott Power.

I like this construction very much due to the trellis work and welding. This design also offers a connection point located right above the front wheel. Assume there is some other chromoly mix or composite material developed that is as rigid (vertically and torsionally) as steel tubes but offers more lateral flex, while being as light (or lighter) as steel..... This material could be attached at the top of the wheel and extend down to the axles, replacing the trellis steel tubes at the same location (the other steel tubes used to attached the suspension components would remain). When the bike is leaned over at race pace, the wheel would have "vertical' suspension due to this flexing capability while also keeping everything else rigidly in place.

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coho said...

Perhaps a melding of Confederate's CF girder design and MotoCzysz's oval fork would provide the "light, strong & (a bit) flexy" suspension answer.