Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Al'turn'ative Tuesday


In the spirit of the historic TTxGP electric race this weekend (where the teams are back-to-the-future in a hurry with 'digital' superbikes), this week's alternative front-end is an idea akin to Jules Verne-type of travel....

Maglev Motorcycle Suspension (MMS):

Electromagnetic Suspension technology is applied to the front-end of an electric motorcycle. The bikes are not intended to run on stationary tracks like maglev trains use (that would not be fun), however, the motorcycle front "forks" act as the track. These "rails" contain similar electro-magnetized coils (much smaller and lighter) that work in conjunction with properties in the wheel that repel each other. The motorcycle's front-end ultimately levitates around the front wheel on a cushion of air (no change in trail. no dive. zero unsprung weight when levitated).

Vertical suspension while leaned over is also theoretically programmable.


photo from "How Stuff Works"

Best of luck to all the Electric teams & petrol teams this weekend on the Isle.


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