Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MGS-01 with V11 Sport Naked bodywork


Below left is the original V11 Sport. Below right is the original MGS-01.


I combined the V11 tank & tail section with the MGS-01 chassis & 8-valve engine

The MGS-01 received rave reviews from many people inside & outside of the industry. The chassis is incredible. Note the rear suspension. This bike weighs considerably less than a stock V11 Sport and is about 2 inches shorter. Why hasn't Guzzi produced a street version? Most likely they were busy with the Breva & ultra-sexy Griso.

The V11 Sport is also an excellent bike that gets overlooked when it comes to fun street riding. If you haven't ridden a V11 Sport, you owe it to yourself to try one (preferably one with carbon fiber exhaust silencers). The depths at which the engine sounds and moves beneath you is a trip. Now, consider that bike with more torque and about 50 pounds less.

Why not combine elements of each bike?

Details include:

  • Brough Superior headlamp

  • Vincent speedo

  • Crocker tail lamp (inverted)

  • exhaust silencers modeled after a 1933 "Stock" on either side of the rear tire.

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