Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ducati 999 chassis & Big Twin

an American mutt

The fact that Ducati still uses steel frames at all levels of their bikes is killer. The trellis frame looks great & best of all functions very well, even with 260 hp in the MotoGP bike. I also have a strong interest in air-cooled, big torque engines.....enter the aftermarket, American big twin.

The picture assumes 2 considerable engineering challenges are handled:
  • short, compact drivetrain
  • bottom half of the engine is machined to include an engine mount at the crux of the "v", similar to the engine mount of the "L" desmo engine.

I can just hear some of the Ducatisti scoffing at this project. Aah, hell, that makes it even better.

I ran out of time with the free Photoshop trial offer, so I haven't finished the following yet:

  1. front fender
  2. front cylinder header should wrap around to the left-side and underneath the frame gusset, keeping the right side of the engine free of "clutter"
  3. fuel tank is sketchy, I know. I sliced & diced the aluminum tank and tail section of Robert Stefano's bitchin' Ducati '969' custom to come up with that tank. See Acme Rocketbike for other great sport customs.
  4. exhaust silencers are not complete, but the location is about where I would like them, one on either side of the rear tire.

Unanswered questions:

  • will the 45 degree twin work as a stressed member even with the new engine mount? I would hope so with the traditional mount at the heads and at the swingarm pivot.
  • re-work swingarm to accommodate right-side drive
  • too top-heavy with oil tank at the base of fuel tank?


Anonymous said...

totally do-able.
getting the bottom case machined for that would be $$$... but a bracket could be machined that allows any v-twin motor to be used. as far as stressed member, Hellcats are set up that way, and so is the wraith. Oil tank is not a problem. Trans is easy. the hard bit is the primary. No-one makes a short belt kit. The shortest belt-drive available is the one for the hellcats that we had to pay big $$ for to have produced. And no, no-one makes a belt primary for a sportster. Believe it.
I like it. kinda like the old days when the rickman's and dresda's were runnin around.. Take an excellent chassis, and put a different motor in it. Cool.

hoyt said...


thanks for the valuable feedback & for checking things out.

This blog is brand new & I will evetually move to a more functional site someday.

look for more big torque sportbikes.....