Sunday, December 31, 2006

Big Twin Racers

An early pioneer in building a sport chassis around a big twin engine is Curt Winter of Big Twin Racers.

Curt is an "enthusiast's enthusiast". Seldom do you find someone that covers this wide range of motorcycling at a high skill level:

  • fabrication skills
  • hands-on engineering
  • mechanical skill
  • ability to paint show-quality finishes
  • form his own carbon fiber parts
  • design & build an array of bikes
  • capable of racing in the dirt or on a roadrace course.


One of Curt's first big twin sportbikes was finished in 1997. Whoa, nearly ten years ago! Click on the article below & check the fine print. Also note that Curt got the attention of Erik Buell with this bike.

click on photos to enlarge. (You can zoom in on the article with the icon. The icon will appear after placing the mouse pointer over the article).

This bike was a 2nd iteration of the "Big Twin Racer" (BTR)

wouldn't wanna be on a high-strung 4 in front-of-a BTR....

[there's a road song in there somewhere....punk rockabilly, alt. country, metal....your choice]

This is his latest beauty. If you are interested in a custom bike but not a big twin sportbike, give Curt a call. He can build a wide variety of bikes including hill climbers, motards, cruisers, small road racers, etc. Curt designed, welded, painted, & assembled this entire bike himself, including creating the carbon fiber fenders. Look for an updated website and kit from him....

Think about pulling up to a bike hangout after romping through some winding asphalt and someone asking you who makes that bike ? Curt's answer would be...

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to the updated website and seeing these types of bikes being built!