Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ecosse Moto Works

click on the picture to get a closer look at this killer stance

Ecosse is another small batch manufacturer using an air-cooled Big Twin for Big Fun. I first saw their bike at Bike Week in Daytona about 4 years ago. This was before the sportier updates (raised seat height, raised foot pegs, carbon fiber wheels, etc.). The bike looked good then, so the sportier options must look even better now (cost a bundle more, but....)

Baker Drivetrain designed the ultra compact drivetrain with an Ecosse machined case. The drivetrain and the carbon fiber wheels are impressive. The Patrick Racing round jugs are pretty, too. (I used this engine and drivetrain on the 999 chassis - see links on the right).

carbon fiber wheels with radial-mounted brakes on a big air-cooled twin? sure, why not? click on picture for a closer look.

You can begin to see the differences across the spectrum of bikes displayed within this blog. On one end is the hand-built beauties (from ACR & Big Twin Racers) and on the other end is the mass produced MT-01. In between somewhere (depends on the beholder) are the small batch manufactured bikes. Where is your threshold for character and soul? Best of all, these builders have the knowledge & skill to build in performance that will rival production bikes when ridden on the street.

Modern machining techniques also add character and impressive quality when done right (ex. Bimota Tesi frame - more on that sometime later). The more accessible CNC technology becomes, hopefully we will see a combination of modern machining & craftmanship in bikes across the entire spectrum.

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