Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest from Curt Winter at Big Twin Racers....

August 2007...
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A cradle frame never looked as good....

Curt used a 2005 TC 88 motor for the aggressive, yet more refined BTR sport chassis. The Ohlins front-end suspends a Blackstone Tek carbon fiber wheel. The matching rear wheel is supported by a lightweight, yet rigid aluminum BTR swingarm. Click on the pics below to zoom-in to see the impressive craftmanship.

Other notes:
  • distance between the axles = 58.5"
  • dry weight = sub 450 pounds
  • seat height = 28.5"
  • V-Rod headlamp
  • frame: BTR/Curt Winter
  • swingarm: BTR/Curt Winter
  • hand-made fiberglass tailsection: BTR/Curt Winter
  • paint: BTR/Curt Winter
The deep, usable torque of a stylish, air-cooled big twin has found a highly capable sporting home....

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Inquire at Big Twin Racers (http://btrmoto.com/) or 510-612-1103


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