Monday, March 17, 2008

Gregg's Customs

Greg DesJardin is the owner of Gregg's Customs. He has built a big twin sportbike using the Yamaha 102 cubic inch engine.

HD, S&S, and all of the aftermarket Big Twin engine manufacturers take note of:

  • Compact gear-driven drivetrain. See other: Yamaha Big Twin
  • The motor is built as a unit-construction with the transmission.

Yamaha engineers prove that the torque of the big twins does not have to go through a gargantuan drivetrain.

As the custom chopper market rights itself (after the pop culture frenzy has lost its interest & moved onto something else), two new products the industry should pursue in order to grow sales are a more compact transmission and a unit-construction motor with the transmission.

This architecture would open up chassis options not only for performance bikes as depicted in this blog, but cruiser styles would be able to diversify as well.

Greg's ideas, craftmanship, & execution with this bike are excellent (the wide tire looks good, but does it handle?).

note the rear disc. The rear brake setup reminds me of Jesse James & Mike Cook's Big Torque Cafe's rear disc configuration.

clever reservoirs

Performance Bike (PB) magazine had a nice write-up on Greg recently. If you haven't checked PB out, they appreciate the BIY approach and spend a lot of their print space on very cool specials such as this...

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