Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sound of Music

Select your favorite Big Twin... (HD, S&S, Victory, Ducati, BMW, Guzzi, etc.) and find that curvaceous road ...

Rolling through the curves 'in that' rhythm, where lean angles make full use of tire and suspension technology, is a fine way to spend a day. Ride that flat torque curve and listen to the music....

The sound of the big twins ties the whole experience together like no other motor, especially emanating from a sport or cafe chassis.

"Ride the Torque Curve" is going to showcase our favorite music & artists to listen to while we're not listening to the Guzzi music at 4700 rpm.

You know the feeling of finding that new-to-you band that grabs you from the first song. Hopefully you'll find stuff in these pages that you can listen to while you're wrenching or bullshitting with a Belgian Ale, bourbon, or cabernet with friends in a garage.

Until we start posting, check out the links below or on the left in the meantime...

KEXP 90.3 - online, free streaming radio out of Seattle. They have various programs of music for just about anyone. Two of our favorite are "Swingin' Doors" on Thursdays from 6 - 9 pm PST & "Shake the Shack" on Fridays 6 - 9 pm PST. Once you're on their site, click on the media player of your choice on the left.

Pandora - radio from the Music Genome Project
- streaming music that gets tailored to your tastes the more "thumbs up" you give it. A win-win.

"Bang your head....Wake the Dead"

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