Thursday, April 03, 2008


The simplicity of powerchord music simultaneously overshadows its own level of difficulty...when it's done right. It is difficult to continuously create something original, while not sounding redundant from song-to-song, with a limited set of notes. Nirvana's music grabs you with Kurt Cobain's chords & vocals, Krist Novoselic's thunderous bass, and Dave Grohl's pounding kit while keeping you coming back for more with uniqueness to each song.

Their music was revolutionary and came at a time when music fans needed something straight at them with no bullshit in the notes or the "image". Indeed, no badass hair metal image but the purity, strength, & uncluttered sound that also knocked off the kick of pop from the #1 spot on Billboard's album charts. "When people ask me about the rise of Nirvana I tell them that the mainstream came to Nirvana, we didn't go to the mainstream" - Krist Novoselic in his speech

Power chords: pure, simple - just like air-cooled, twin cylinder motorcycles.

April 5th is a dark day because it marks the death of Kurt Cobain. Less than 6 months after a remarkable performance at the MTV Unplugged concert, which silenced critics & attracted more music fans, Kurt was gone. Have the inconsistencies with the circumstances of his death been ruled out enough to close the case? Wherever he is, may Kurt be at peace & continue to rock without the stupid lack of privacy & basic respect that comes with "stardumb".

Kurt, Krist, & Dave - a perpetual thank you for your music that will forever speak to me and so many others.....

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