Monday, December 01, 2008

Transverse, longitudinal crank V-twins


A comment posted by "Den" after the The Kneeslider article I wrote about the Eller Industries' sportbike design, pointed to intriguing history about the transverse motorcycle engine. (Also see here). Den's mate, Murray Barnard from MC News in Australia, wrote a brief article about the Indian 841, which had its jugs in the breeze. Is the Eller design an interesting coincidence or proper homage to this earlier classic[??]. See Murray's article here

The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company of Springfield, MA appears to be the 1st manufacturer to produce a motorcycle with this engine orientation. Their example had a 750cc,90-degree v-twin.
Indian has an amazing history that is definitely captivating in its triumphs and heartaches.

good for cooling and protecting legs from forward gunfire

See more information here

The next motorcycle to hold its engine in this logical and handsome manner was the
Victoria Bergmeister of 1954

I have not seen many "cleaner-looking" designs than the above motorcycle. Remarkables include: the shape & fit of the fenders, the engine block, cylinders, headers, clever horn placement.

Other notable relic: The 1932 French-made "Dollar V-4"....sadly, this beauty never made it to production.

(narrow angle v4?....see bottom of this post)

Guzzi started producing their twin in the 1960's. This is my 2002 example...

New twist of the throttle: add liquid-cooling + 2 additional cylinders "facing" the other set.....Best of luck to the Moto Czysz crew


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