Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wakan Motorcycles

click to enlarge & look at the cool gas cap filler

Joel Domergue is the man behind Wakan motorcycles. For those unaware, France has been a major contributor of beautiful, highly engineered motorcycles in distant and recent history.
(two good examples include: The French Dollar in the 30's with a narrow-angle v4 mounted longitudinally and the current, ultra-cool roadsters from Voxan.)

Mr. Domergue continues this excellence with a bike that combines hot rod torque & sportbike handling. The styling also accomplishes the very difficult task of combining older, proven looks with original, modern touches.

Wakan holds a patent for the airbox design.

Joel's previous motorcycle company has an admirable distinction of being the only European motorcycle manufacturer to be re-branded by one of the Big Four in Japan ! So, not only will you get hot rod looks and performance, but you will get solid quality and reliability. S&S provides the torquey motor....another nod to quality.

From the Wakan website, "Produced in France, many of these motorcycles (Joel's first company) were actually re-branded by one of the big-four Japanese manufacturers and sold as their own product under their own name in Japan, an exploit which no other European manufacturer has ever achieved."

Smart, low center of gravity for the fuel tank (see white tank behind the rear cylinder)

Aah, yes, Joel goes racing, too. Very nice megaphone ("crank the music up")

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