Monday, June 23, 2008

ACE Cafe/Stonebridge Motor Company video

The Stonebridge Motor Company has unveiled their custom cafe that uses 100 c.i. Sportster-based S&S engine. Overall, the bike has a good compact, small size (unless those are over-sized Brits in the video). This bike has a vintage styling approach but uses contemporary components, not an easy task to pull off in a cohesive manner....

  • Black spoke rims (just yesterday, I was wondering what a sport version of the spoke rims in the DRAG Specialties ad on page 9 of CycleWorld this month would look like on a cafe - now I know.) Compare these to Mike Cook's spoked rims below.

  • Primary cover, exhaust tips in natural aluminum

  • Speedo that doubles as the only wind protection you need while doing the ton (this tach/speedo is too bulky, but the nod to the old Vincent speedo is on the right track.)

This bike is coming to America for the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration. Here's hoping other styles of bikes show up at the 50th besides the usual raked, bobbed, & stretched cruiser. Afterall, there will be 49 other opportunities to standout while celebrating S&S Performance.

Thanks to Hell for Leather
for the info.


"This is England...." - Joe Strummer

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