Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Al'turn'ative Tuesday

Motorcycle Daily ran this post recently that hints at Bimota using Moto Morini engines for future bikes.

I'm a big fan of Moto Morini (related), so the notion of these companies working together would be a welcomed change of pace for the industry.  Bimota's chassis-design skill could bring to life a bike reminiscent of John Britten's masterpiece & Aprilia's FV2 concept....

click photos to enlarge

They could combine the powerful Morini 1200cc, 87-degree twin with a Hossack-derived front-end & a minimal trellis section frame, connected at the center of the engine.  Note the center engine-mount below.

Imagine the Morini engine in the Aprilia concept (above left & right).  A minimal frame would suffice due to the alternative front suspension and this frame wouldn't conceal the handsome engine....

(shape of body panels & colors of the Aprilia are easily changed)

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