Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Twin sportbike

This bike was spotted on the Rocket Garage blog in Italia, who spotted it at one of Europe's bike shows.

Blind-fold any sportbike snob until they sit on this bike. Then, have them ride this thing and I bet their mind would open. I have nothing against the light-weight, high-rev, sport engines.....just highlighting the torque of stroked, air-cooled big twins. When using these lumps, the skilled builder must consider weight in everything. They also have a long drivetrain to contend with (except for Gregg's clever use of the ultra-compact Yamaha engine). The bike below looks like they used a stacked transmission arrangement.

The exhausts look cool, but right-handed curves would restrict lean angle. The canister in the front should be tucked in tighter and further underneath

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